A Positive Presence

                         Building  your future, one impression at a time.

First Impressions ... lasting results!

THREE SECONDS... that's all it takes for you to make a lasting impression.  In that brief moment, they have decided:

How much you can be trusted...

Your work ethic...

Your dependability...

How intelligent you are...

How confident you are...

If they want to do business with you...

Do you want to be in the 85% or 15%? 

Studies by Harvard, Stanford, and Carnegie Research Foundation indicate that 85% of a person’s professional success is attributed to their social skills, or polish, and only 15% is attributed to their technical ability. 



In college and other formal organizations, success is easily measured. Students learn material and take tests to see what they know.

While there’s no one template for life and career achievement, A Positive Presence offers concrete steps that can help you get there.

Customized programs are available for college students, professional groups and just for you. Each focuses on enhancing interpersonal skills, sharpening instincts and structuring an image for success.

Our programs are carefully designed ­to inform and inspire. Let A Positive Presence prepare you for the true test of success: A confident approach that gets results.


Students nearing graduation are eager – anxious – to launch a career. A college degree might be impressive enough to secure a job interview, but a diploma is just a tool. It takes the intangible qualities of polish, presence and professionalism to turn a job candidate into a front-runner.

“First Impressions, Lasting Results” is a one-hour program designed to give students a successful path from college to the work force. They have the education. Now they can learn how to make the most of it. Here is what students will learn:

Increase your ability to make a lasting and positive first impression using body language, eye contact, handshake, poise, and posture. These are all components of successful business and personal presence. Learn to handle yourself with style and grace.


Don’t just read about good business advice. Invite Carol Hatton-Holmes to speak with your group in person. She won’t just share her expertise – she will inspire, she will motivate. There are plenty of other speakers out there, but Carol has the business experience to back up her message. With 25 years in sales, human resources and other corporate fields, she has valuable information to share.

Carol speaks about intriguing topics such as the secrets of body language, what employers really want to see and hear from job candidates, ways to boost a professional image and effective networking. 

Any business-minded organization or association would benefit from Carol’s insights and engaging style. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of your group. Don’t miss this opportunity for firsthand business know-how.

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